Hydroponics system

Series: HiGold-200
Model: Grow Rack 3030-100

Items description:
  1. Durable aluminum frame to support PVC gully as indoor or green house hydroponics rack.
  2. Easy to install with the wrench.
  3. The maximum load of each short span is about 20KG if screwed tight adequately.

  0. Place all parts on a open flat ground. Lay down the posts and spans.
  1. Pre-determine the height of the plant you will grow.
  2. Add the height 100mm of PVC gully.
  3. The sum of the two above heights will be the spacing between upper and lower horizontal spans.
  4. Draw marks on the 4 vertical support for above sum.
  5. Repeat above process until three decks of gully are set.
  6. Insert 4 Nuts into the vertical support on each slot. Any two adjacent sides of each support. So, 8 nuts each support.
  7. Move each pair of nuts to the positions of the marks.
  8. Use wrench at angel less than 25 degree
      Screw semi-tight on the 8 joints to fix the top 4 spans first (2 short and 2 long spans).
      You may use the wrench as hammer and un-used span as level to adjust the flatness of the adjacent spans before really tightened.
      If you have pocket size line level would be even better.
      Once calibrated, screw joints tight all the way.
      If it is over tight, the notch of the slot of the support will bulge outward, and the nut may not be able to move within freely.
  9. Use wrench on the 8 joints to fix the bottom 4 spans (2 short and 2 long spans).
  10. You must check the frame now if they are tilt or not. Otherwise, loose and calibrate them.
  11. Use wrench to fix the middle 8 spans.
  12. Place PVC gully evenly distributed across the short spans
        Fix with cable tie.
  13. Place net cups.

Product parts list:

item description quantity
L3030 180cm vertical post
material: aluminum 6063 A6N01-T5
net weight 1478 grams
cross section 30x30mm, length 180cm
L3030 100cm long horizontal span
material: aluminum 6063 A6N01-T5
net weight 757.5 grams
pre-drilled, cross section 30x30mm, length 100cm
L3030 50cm short horizontal span
material: aluminum 6063 A6N01-T5
net weight 373.5 grams
pre-drilled, cross section 30x30mm, length 50cm
TCJ30M6 joint
material: stainless bolt and aluminum 6061T6
4 pcs for each span
P3M6 Nut
material: nickel coated thread M6
TC3030 end cap
material: black ABS
top of vertical support
M6 food pad
material: SS41 M6 + white PE anti slip cushion
bottom of vertical support, max load 20Kg each
PVC1060 PVC gully
material: PVC
size 75x75x1060mm
net weight  grams
top cover hole size 48mm, spacing 100mm, water inlet diameter 12.7mm
bottom trunk water outlet diameter 12.7mm
wrench hand tool
ball-point hex #5
for tighten joint
@ Net cup
PP black 1.7 inch
@ cable tie 6
LED100-12-22 LED grow light bar
12V 22Watt, 6500K + 4000K
100cm long, 100.3cm end to end
LPV-100-12 power supply
brand: Mean Well
(Input AC110~230V, Output DC 12V 8.5A, constant voltage, waterproof IP67)